10/15 Drop, G-Man Decade Patches, NODs Vault Ranger Green (Take 2)

10/15 Drop: G-Man Decade Patches & NODS Vault in Ranger Green

In 2011 GWA debuted the G-Man patch, known then simply as the Mk1. Fast forward 10 years and our iconic logo gets a long overdue update. 

G-Man gets an Ops-Core FAST SF super high cut helmet, AMP headset with RAC and PVS-31 NODs. A patch to reflect each new logo. NODs up, NODs midway and NODs down. Velcro® backed, patches are roughly 2.5" x 3". $30 for the 3 pack. Not a preorder.

Social media crashed last Friday, so let's try this NODs Vault drop again...

The NODs Vault is a padded case for your Night Vision device. I designed this case after getting my first set of PVS-14's and quickly noticing that the only solutions out there were padded MOLLE pouches, hard case or a small non padded pouch. None of which have room to carry all your NODs kit.

I wanted a padded case that was slim, light yet had enough modularity and compartments to accommodate all my NODs accessories such as but not limited to; data sheets, manual, bridge, arm, magnifiers, extra batteries, cell phone mounts, sacrificial lenses, lens caps and even a 2nd pair of NODs.

What I came up with was the perfect solution that is both streamline and capable. The NODs Vault. Protect your investment. Made in USA w/ US Materials. Vaults go for $140. Not a preorder.

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