10/22 Drop Citadel Micro Dyneema®

10/22 10am PST Drop: Citadel Micro in Dyneema
® Composite Fabric.
Go Pouch 2 Set in Dyneema® Composite Fabric.

The Citadel was a bag 7+ years in the making with every detail painstakingly prototyped & fielded in order to ensure maximum functionality. All this over a period that has covered over 20,000 miles of road & air travel. Throughout the years we have used dozens of bags while never encountering one perfect design that incorporated everything we wanted in a bag. The Citadel combines all of our favorite & must have features into one bag. This making it our perfect EDC, travel & tactical use pack.

The Citadel Micro is the smaller brother to the full size Gen3 Citadel. It's the same size as the Gen3's main compartment. Think Gen3 Citadel minus the laptop compartment. We made the micro to be slim, light and low profile. 

If you're not familiar with Dyneema® it's also known as Cuben Fiber (CTF3), a high-performance non-woven composite material used in high-strength, low-weight applications. It is constructed from a thin sheet of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) laminated between two sheets of polyester. Now popular with hyperlight backpacking & mountaineering where the highest strength to weight ratio is needed.

Dyneema® simply put is a strong and ultralight fabric although it comes with a cost..coming in at roughly 3x the cost of traditional Cordura. We made this as a no compromise bag. Premium Dyneema® with YKK Aquaguard GOV zippers and Tweave® shoulder strap backing.

We are also dropping our popular Go Pouches in Dyneema® in Small and Tall sizes. Sold as a set. Body & translucent window both made of Dyneema®. Go Pouches are ultralight weighing in at 1.2oz (small) and 2.2oz (tall). Citadel Micro coming in at 1.8lbs. Pouches and packs constructed out of 3oz Dyneema®.

Citadel Micro dropping Friday @ 10am PST. Not a preorder. $330
Go Pouches also dropping Friday @ 10am PST. $80 for the set. (1 Small, 1 Tall)

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