11/11 Drop: Citadel G3 Mk2; Black, Ranger Green

GWA Citadel G3 Mk2 Solids
Black, Ranger Green
Limited Pre-Order Starts 11/11 10am PST

It’s been over a year since the last release of solid Citadels and since then we’ve moved onto the Mk2 version. I’ve been hearing your requests loud and clear for another solids drop. I know a lot of you are professional users who need a non-camo pack for work. As promised, this Friday 10am PST we are doing a limited pre-order.

What does limited pre-order mean? Because of supply chain issues, shortages and extended lead times we don’t want to oversell and not deliver. Once the pre-order threshold has been met, ordering will be cutoff.

I normally do regular drops but received overwhelming requests to do a pre-order this go around.
Sorry, but no “slick” option this run. For those of you who want a “slick” look, loop silencers will also be available for pre-order. $20/each. They will ship with the packs.
G3 Mk2 solids will feature classic tonal liners, just like G1 & G2. Clean & streamlined.

Also, just like G1 & G2 packs, rear laptop compartments will feature red liners.
Mk2, you keep hearing this but what does it mean? Mk2 features all the upgrades of the G3 plus new premium mesh and narrower straps with a larger gap between them.

Mk2 mesh is less prone to pilling and is more breathable.

Mk2 shoulder straps are narrower with a wider gap on top designed to increase comfort. We all come in various shapes and sizes and with growing Citadel users I’ve adopted these changes, embracing user feedback.

For those of you who are new to GWA and the Citadel, here are some specs & FAQs:

-500 Denier INVISTA CORDURA® Nylon (body)
-420 Denier Pack Cloth (liner)
-Tweave Durastretch (bottle Pocket, front Panel, shoulder straps)
-Dual bottle pockets, fits 32oz Nalgene bottles (would be criminal if it didn’t)
-19" Length x 11" Width x 7.25" Depth (overall)
-Roughly 24L (combined)
-Independent rear laptop zippered compartment with padded partition (for docs)
-Built-in HDPE framesheet
-Made in USA with US labor and materials

Due to inflation and Covid related supply chain issues I’ve experienced unprecedented price increases on both labor and raw materials. Higher costs means higher prices. I’ve absorbed most of these price increases.

It’s certainly been a challenge to manufacture an already complex bag to high standards during and after Covid. I’m still experiencing materials shortages today.

Packs will go live on the main page Friday 11/11 10am PST. $340/each.

Limit 2 packs total per customer. Orders not in compliance will be cancelled without notice. There is no limit on patch silencers.

Since this is a pre-order please allow 6-8 weeks for packs to be completed.

For size reference, model above on left is 6’2”, model on right is 5’2”.

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Any plans to release these again? Any gathering dust, taking up space around the shop? I’m a retired firefighter (35 years), now selling fire engines and the Citadel looks like the answer! I have a few Gorucks and a Travelpro, none of them are getting it done.

Hope to hear back from you, stay safe and healthy!

Cheers – Marty Roberts

Marty Roberts

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