2/2 Drop: GWA Citadel Gen3 Mk2 5 Farbe Flecktarn

GWA Citadel Gen3 Mk2 5 Farbe Flecktarn
Fällt Mittwoch 2/2 10am PST

The EDC GOAT returns in 5 color Flecktarn.

Mk2 features updated premium rear vented mesh, n
arrower 2.5" wide shoulder straps and a 2" gap between shoulder straps (benefits broader shoulder folks). Zipper pulls have also been updated. Removed the unreliable plastic end caps and updated the pull cord.

Features German red rear laptop compartment and tonal ranger green main. 

External 3" matching Flecktarn loop (looks absolutely killer).


Packs ship immediately. This is not a preorder! $330.

Keeping costs low while raw materials have gone up significantly in the past year has been a challenge. These packs were already labor intensive to sew and now they are that much more expensive to manufacture. To keep the price down I've absorbed most of the inflation.

All Citadel packs are sewn in the USA with American labor.

If you're unfamiliar with the Citadel, be sure to give the video below a watch.

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