2/10 Drop: GWA BRONSON Duffel

Introducing the GWA BRONSON Duffel
Limited Preorder: 2/10 10am PST

I've been asked for a duffel for some time now but I don't like rushing into designing something without putting thorough thought into it. I never want to make something just "because". I genuinely only make things that I use. My ball caps, packs, pouches, vaults and patches (even the silly ones). I always knew a duffel was inevitable since I always travel with one.

I've helped develop a few for other people over the years but they were never truly my designs. Some of my DNA are on those bags but not quite full GWA. I've been sketching things over the years and jotting down what my needs are (just like the Citadel conception).

I've always seen duffels as mass load carriage whereas your pack is more micro organization. You should pack out your duffels to the point where your load shouldn't shift around regardless of what orientation the bag is; vertical, sideways, etc.

The BRONSON features multiple ways to carry / transport; briefcase carry, single shoulder strap carry, backpack straps covering main compartment, backpack straps covering rear of bag, single backpack strap diagonal cross body carry, double backpack strap combined to carry the bag "pizza carry style" and through your luggage handle. Bag includes both single shoulder strap and backpack straps. When not in use toss the extra straps in the bag.

One major design change over such bags as TNF Base Duffel is the strap orientation. You carry enough weight far enough from your body and its cumbersome. Always bumping into your legs and causing carry fatigue.

Briefcase carry.

Shoulder strap carry. Single shoulder strap is removable. Anchor points offset to prevent “wobble”.

Shoulder pad features a “stay-put” design. Pad won’t slip and stays where you want it.

Backpack straps are removable and can be used on the front or rear face of the bag. For travel when you need more security, fix the straps to cover your zips. When you need faster access to your items (outdoor travel, etc.) fix the straps to the back or remove them altogether. Bag comes with 4 repair style body / female buckles that are easily removable.

Attach a single backpack strap diagonally for a cross body / sling bag carry option.

Possibly the best and most unique feature of the BRONSON is the hard luggage handle passthrough. This unique but simple system allows you to securely rest your duffel on your rolling luggage. Keep your Citadel on your shoulders and heavier items on wheels. Open up the passthrough when needed and stow down when you don’t (open and closes flat via hook & loop).

BRONSON duffel is carryon compliant, approx. 45 liters. As pictured above able to fit a plate carrier, belt, helmet and NODs Vault Micro. There is also room to spare.

Although I see duffels more as mass load carriage the BRONSON’s 4 interior walls are lined with loop for Go Pouches. Compatible with all sizes, Small, Wide, Tall and Large. Fits a wide assortment of other hook backed pouches as well.

The BRONSON features 3 zip compartments, 2 external on each end and 1 internal mesh with pleat. When traveling it’s ideal to have an accessible zip compartment for documents such as boarding passes, passports, wallet, phone, etc. Before going through TSA I generally dump all my pocket items into this pocket.

The large flat singular mesh zip compartment is pleated and expands when needed. Great spot to store soiled clothes.

-1000 Denier INVISTA CORDURA® nylon (body)
-Premium durable interior pocket mesh
-420 Denier pack cloth (liner)
-VELCRO® loop
-#8 YKK zippers
-Mil-W-17337 webbing
-Mil-T-5038 binding tape
-Premium closed cell foam (more heat & water resistant)
-Milspec Acetal hardware, buckles, sliders, d-rings
-Reinforced stitching using nylon bonded thread

-2.8lbs (Empty w/ shoulder strap and backpack straps)
-22" Length x 14" Width x 9" Depth (Overall)
-Roughly 45 liters

-Concepted / Designed / Manufactured in the USA

Inaugural batch will be M81 Woodland and is a limited pre-order. Bags will ship in roughly 6-8 weeks.

More colors will come out this year. Solids, more camos, etc.


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