4/30 Drop, Go Pouches, All Sizes & Colors

4/30 Drop, Go Pouches, All Sizes & Colors

We are doing a new thing, no more backorders on the Go Pouches. Going forward there will be regular restocks. 4/30 we'll be restocking Small and Large Go Pouches in all colors; Ranger Green, Multicam and Multicam Alpine.

We are also proud to introduce the newest size to the Go Pouch family, the "Tall". This is the perfect new size for your IFAK contents or larger tech items.

All Go Pouches are hook backed. Compatible with our Citadel pack as well as many gun cases (Superior Defense Trash Bags, Dumpster Duffle, Spiritus Systems Auto Bag to name a few).

For those of you confused, the Go Pouch is also known as the "Sandwich Bag" by Superior Defense 'cause they cool like that (but we call them Go Pouches).

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