4/19 Drop: GWA oG Patch Set

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GWA oG Patch Set
4/19 10am PST

“The "G" logo, created circa 2017 with the help of an industry icon.”

oG Patch Set

I wanted a non "face" logo that would be more subdued and low-vis. Something that doesn't seem tactical and more commercial. It's this same mantra that the Citadel is not covered in MOLLE. Although I love my camos it's the reason why I opted for the Tweave panels to breakup the bulk of the camo.

I think the inspiration should be obvious? I'm a baseball fan and am fascinated by really all logos but baseball logos in general are rad. If you ever have free time you can go down the rabbit hole of baseball logos from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Real cool stuff plus I believe the best logos are the most simple ones. Think about the interlocking C's in Chanel, the LV logo, interlocking NY for the Yankees, etc etc.

oG patch set

Patches drops Friday 4/19 10am PST. Sold as a set, $25 bucks.

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