6/10 Drop: GWA NODs Vault Micro MultiCam® Black

GWA NODs Vault Micro M81
GWA West Side Patches (2 Pack)
4/15 10am PST

Introducing the GWA NODs Vault Micro. "It's like the NODs Vault but smaller".

How do you take the perfect NODs storage and make it better? You make it smaller.

Still fits your binos and accessories but now fits conveniently into your helmet. 

Carry your expensive binos in a padded case, not with loose fabric. The Micro Vault is padded on every side. 


  • Fits in your helmet (most sizes)
  • Fits most bino NODs (DTNVG, PVS31, etc)
  • All sides are padded, includes padded top divider
  • Interior zip compartment for docs
  • Mesh pockets for batteris, lens covers, etc.
  • YKK GOV Aquaguard zippers
  • Nylon Cordura w/ DWR
  • Weather resistant
  • Dimensions: 6" x 5" x 4"
  • Weight: 6oz
  • Made with American labor & US sourced materials

Protect your investment. The right way. Made in USA with US materials.

NODs Vault Micros dropping for $89.


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