8/20 Drop, Gen3 Citadels, Solids / M81 Woodland

GWA Gen3 Citadels
Friday 8/20 10AM PST for Solids
Friday 8/20 12PM PST for M81 (Through Chosen Armory)

The GOAT returns. No wait this time.

Pre-orders from the 7/9 drop have all shipped. We produced a 2nd batch alongside the preorders to offer an instock batch this Friday 8/20 at 10am PST.

Colors available direct from us will be Black and Ranger Green. M81 Woodland will be available through Chosen Armory. The M81 Woodland packs will have the loop field on the front along with a hi-vis yellow interior in the laptop compartment. M81 packs will drop at 12pm PST through Chosen Armory.
Pricing is as follows: Solids will run $290 and M81 Woodland at $300. If you're new to the Citadel be sure to watch the video below as it covers our pricing structure as well as other details.

Packs are instock and ship immediately, this is not a preorder!

All Citadel packs are sewn in the USA with American labor using US sourced materials.

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