9/17 Drop Comrade Collection

9/17 10am PST

Hello Comrade, for the glory of the homeland we present the Comrade collection. 2 patches and Base Sling Mk2 presented in the two-color variation of the butane woodland pattern meticulously redrawn and restored by Andrew Bawidamann using original garments. A rare Soviet pattern seeing a very limited production run from 1990 to 1991 made initially for Airborne and Special Operations Units. 

The GWA Base Sling is based on my original design from a 2013 collaboration. Added padding and rigid tension pull. Looped design with no “tail”. 
Weighs 2.5 ounces. Simple, light, effective. Made in USA with USA materials.

Patches are laser cut on bi-color woodland fabric and Velcro® backed for your pleasure.

Comrade collection is available in the below combos. Both available in extremely limited numbers due to fabric rarity. 

Sling + 2 patches $69
2 Patches $30

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Gwa comrade chest rig soon?


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