GWA Marketplace x Coolguysurplus: Batch 1

GWA Marketplace x Coolguysurplus

Over the years I've amassed a ridiculous amount of gear, like hundreds of packs, plate carriers and pouches. I've sold some pieces here and there but nothing ever seems to make a dent. It doesn't help that I am still actively collecting (yeah its a problem).

Now its even worse since I design and manufacture my own gear. The collection at this point needs to go. Making room for the future.

Coolguysurplus has been good people over the years which is why I'm happy to announce a GWA x Coolguysurplus Marketplace Collab. Going forward GWA's gear collection will be available through CGS (link here).

I will be sending regular shipments to CGS which includes but is not limited to packs, bags, pouches, belts, plate carriers, uniforms and more. So be sure to regularly check his site and IG feed for updates.

Coolguysurplus IG Feed

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