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[2023/12] GWA Crew Cap

[2023/12] GWA Crew Cap

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Don't call it a dad hat. These are unstructured caps.

Why unstructured? On my motorcycle commutes I prefer to carry an unstructured cap because I can roll them up and stuff them in a pocket without worrying about ruining the structured front panel. I love a good fitted hat but once you get the panel creased they are usually ruined.

I specifically chose these premium '47 Clean Up caps because of the fit. I wear a ton of caps but have a larger head and most caps are too shallow. The Clean Up has a taller crown and the perfect precurved structured bill. They hug your head really well. 

Unstructured caps are also cooler to wear since they retain less heat (no thick front panel) and are made of lighter more breathable materials. They are also great caps for range work and outdoor use. 

Before you complain about the top button, they are easily removable:

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