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[2021/05] GWA x Licentia Arms NODs Vault MultiCam® Alpine

[2021/05] GWA x Licentia Arms NODs Vault MultiCam® Alpine

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The GWA NODS Vault, the artist formerly known as the "Bong Bag". It's likely you've heard of or already own a Bong Bag from SUPDEF. When you buy a NODS Vault from SUPDEF it's known as the Bong Bag and when you buy one from me it's the NODS Vault, same bag-ish, different name.

If you're new to the NODS Vault, it's a padded case for your Night Vision device (NODs, NVGs, NVDs). I designed this bag after getting my first set of PVS-14's and quickly noticing that the only solutions out there were either a padded MOLLE pouch or hard case with foam liner. Both solid solutions meeting a certain need but not mine. I wanted a padded case that was slim, light yet had enough modularity and compartments to accommodate all my NODS accessories such as but not limited to; data sheets, manual, bridge, arm, magnifiers, extra batteries, cell phone mounts, sacrificial lenses, lens caps and even a 2nd pair of NODS. What I came up with was the perfect solution that is both streamline and capable.

Protect your investment.

Made in USA with US materials.

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